Why cater with kegs?

By far the biggest expense of organizing a party or event is the bar tab. That’s why lots of people are choosing to host parties at home or selecting a BYO alcohol or self-catering catering venues. But before you grab the car keys and head down to Dan Murphy’s, think about catering with kegs, here’s why;

No stress –

It’s not just picking up some slabs and cartons of wine, you need to keep the alcohol chilled, that means ice and eskies, and in summer, constantly topping up the ice. Boss Bar Hire can provide complete packages with beer, cider, cocktails and wine, in one self-contained unit.

No mess, no waste, no broken bottles –

Whether you want to do your bit for the environment or just don’t want your recycling bins overflowing for weeks after, we reckon you will be thanking us when you wake up the next day to no mess.

Cost effective –

1 keg is equal to roughly 6.5 slabs. For a keg of Carlton Draught that’s just $2.00 per pot! How much did you pay for a pot at the pub just now?

It’s a crowd pleaser! –

People love beer on tap. They also love getting to pour their own beers from our self-serve bars. They also love espresso martini’s on tap from just $3.30 per serve. Yup!

You can view our big selection of beer, wine, cider and cocktails kegs here. Or view our beautiful range of mobile bars and keg dispensing equipment here.

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