Is there a delivery fee?

Yes there is a delivery fee, this will be included in your quote. 

I want a keg, what do I need?

Once you have selected your keg, you will require a bar or tapping system to get the beer out of the keg, see our bar hire page. With hire of our systems we provide all the equipment you need.


When do you collect the bar?


Pick up is next day, however please contact us (before we arrive) if you would like to extend your bar hire.

What if I haven't finished my kegs?


If you haven't finished your kegs you can hold onto your kegs and use them at a later date. Ensuring these are stored correctly opened kegs can last around a month (dependent on use by date and brand). 

How many pots are in a keg?


A standard keg contains 50 litres of beer which equates to around 175 pots or roughly 5.5 slabs.


How many kegs do I need?


Consider how many people are attending the party, how many are beer drinkers, is it a BYO or is there other alcohol supplied, and how long is the event?


You may consider:

10-20 people 1 keg 

20-50 people 2 kegs 

50-100 people 2-3 kegs 

>100 people 3-4 kegs 


Does the price include the cost of the keg?

Your total price will include the cost of your selected kegs, the cost of your selected bar/tapping system, a delivery fee and a bond (if applicable). 


What payment methods are available?


We require full payment to be made when we deliver the bar. We accept cash, credit card or direct bank transfer before the event date.


Is there a bond on the bar?


Yes, we require a small bond to cover any damage to the bar during your event, this will be returned upon inspection when we collect the bar.


Do I need ice? If so how much?


Ice is required for the mini boss bar, rustic boss and easy esky. We will provide you will enough ice to get started, in hot weather this may require topping up. No ice is required for the Woodsman, Boss Bar,Triple Boss, The Quaddy or Classic Boss .


Can I hire a bar without kegs?


Yes! And at no extra cost!

What is your cancellation policy?

All deposits are non-nonrefundable due to us making your selected bar not available to others for that date. Please refer to our T&C's for more info.