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Delivery Info

Delivery Fees


A delivery fee will be included in your quote. This fee covers delivery, setup, demonstration/system run down and pick up of the hired equipment. This fee is based on your location and size of your order.

Delivery Time

Delivery of your bar is typically the day prior to your event, or in the morning of your event. If you have any specific time restrictions for delivery please let us know, our standard delivery days are Friday and Saturday, with collection on Monday/Tuesday. 


We will contact you prior to your event and assign you a 1-2 hour delivery window during this time.

We require a person of legal age to sign for the delivery. 


The bars take approximately 30 minutes to set up and when we leave the beer will be ready to drink. 

Required Access for Delivery of Bars

Our delivery van requires a height clearance of 2.9 meters and rear clearance of 4 meters to unload the bars. We also require access to a  parking space for 30 minutes. 

The larger bars (Boss Bar and Triple Boss) are really heavy and are unable to be lifted, they are all fitted with wheels to move into your desired location. Please let us known of any steps or uneven surfaces including grass/pebbles, so that we can assess the situation and come prepared with the right equipment and manpower.

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