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Alcohol Calculator

One of the most important elements to planning your event is what drinks you will serve your guests. As you start planning you will need to calculate how much alcohol you will need to provide, trying to find the right balance to ensure you don't run out, but also don't have too much left over. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process we use at Boss Bar Hire to estimate how much alcohol you might need for your next event.

1. Total Number of Guests

Make sure to have an accurate count of the confirmed attendees, including % of drinkers vs non drinkers.

2. Duration of your event

How many hours does your event go for?

3. Consumption

Are your guests light, medium or heavy drinkers?

4. Selection of drinks

Are you serving beer, wine, cocktails, spirits? Work out the % split of guests who prefer to drink each type of alcohol you are providing (at average).

For example, if you have 100 guests for a 5 hour event, they are medium drinkers and the ratio is approximately 50% beer, 25% cocktails, 15% white wine, 10% red wine you might need;

Beer kegs

x2 50L beer kegs

Total 350 pots / 50 beer drinkers = 7 pots of beer per guest

White wine

x12 750ml bottles

60 glasses total (5 glasses per bottle) / 15 wine drinkers = average 4 glasses per guest

Red wine

x8 750ml bottles

40 glasses total (5 glasses per bottle) / 10 red wine drinkers = average 4 glasses per guest

Cocktail Keg

x1 20L cocktail keg

Total 185 serves / 25 cocktail drinkers = 7.4 cocktails per guest

Other factors to keep in mind is, things like time of day, weather and the preference of guests and always provide a non-alcoholic option.

Estimating how much alcohol you might need does require careful consideration to ensure you don't under or over supply, and take into account the preferences of your guests. Contact us today to chat about our bar packages, including full drinks catering or BYO your own alcohol and we'll help you calculate how much alcohol to cater your event.

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