Kellybrook Cider Festival 30th Anniversary!

For the last 30 years, the first weekend in May has brought us the Kellybrook Cider Festival, located at the winery at Wonga Park.

"Scrumpy cider, great live bands, loads of great food and smiles all round is what the Kellybrook cider festival is all about. With a strong focus on families it’s an event for everyone." -

We were lucky enough to be involved with the 30th anniversary celebrations, providing the festival with 11 taps showcasing great craft beer, and of course CIDER. Our mobile bars were installed across two separate locations, resulting in shorter queue times and having a greater selection of products available.

We will be adding the Kelly Brothers cider kegs to our website shortly (at great prices!) as well as the Riders craft beer range, including XPA, Porter, Golden Ale and American Pale Ale.

If you're interested in popping in for a cider, beer or wine, Kellybrook is the closest Yarra Valley winery to Melbourne. An ideal first or last stop on the way from Melbourne to the Yarra Valley.

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