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The wine on tap revolution

Wine on tap is taking off all over Australia and you can order one now for your next event with Boss Bar Hire.

It kinda seems like a no brainer, so many wasted bottles, time and effort go into pouring a glass of wine, when it could be as easy as pouring a beer on tap.

Well the world is starting to catch up. Many of Melbourne’s large bars and pubs are now embracing wine kegs and everyone is loving it. So, here’s everything you need to know about wine kegs and why you will be ordering one for your next party.

How does it work?

Usually available in 30L, wine kegs come in either stainless steel and plastic key kegs, the wine is sealed inside the keg so the wine does not come in contact with any gas. Contrary to what you might think, kegs actually help maintain the quality of the wine, keeping it fresher for longer thanks to low UV and light contact.

Benefits of wine kegs

Serve your guests faster. Save time by pouring directly from a tap rather than getting the bottle out, unscrewing the lid, pouring, and putting it away.

No waste. We see lots of wine bottles go in the bin at the end of the night. One keg will provide you with 200 standard serves, that’s around 40 bottles you’ll save from waste. Talk about a great way to help the environment!

Eliminate the hassle of ice and eskies. If you’re organizing your own alcohol for your event you’ll need to arrange eskies with ice for your wine and beer bottles. Boss Bar Hire can help you can cater your whole event with our drinks packages for beer, wine, cider and cocktail kegs, all run through our mobile bars. Easy and stress free.

Try before you buy

Wine on tap is still a relatively new concept, so if you a bit skeptical that’s perfectly normal, here’s how we can get you on board.

There’s plenty of places to try wine on tap all over Melbourne including The Arbory (CBD), Harry and Frankie (Port Melbourne) and Craft Bar (Eltham).

We stock familiar brands such as Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc and T’Gallant Pinot Grigio, which you can also find at your local bottle shop to sample a bottle before you purchase a keg.

We have also partnered up with local wine merchant ReWine, visit their Brunswick wine bar to sample a wine before purchasing a keg. And the best bit – they will even bottle any left over wine for you for a small fee.

So if you’re thinking about a wine keg for your next event, check out our selection of wine kegs and mobile bars, or view our packages page here.

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