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How do kegs work?

Back in the day keg tapping equipment was a lot more complicated, we regularly hear stories of people trying to spear the keg and ending up with holes in the roof, or getting hit in the head! Keg equipment has come a long way in the last 30 years, now, the equipment is very simple and safe to use. We’ll show you exactly how it works and just how easy it is.

What equipment do you need:

1. A cold plate or icebank system– this is what you need to chill the beer.

The two most common ways is either an icebank (requires power) or an aluminum cold plate.

A cold plate is a big aluminum block with stainless beer lines running through it - cover it with ice and the aluminum gets ICE cold which then flash chills the beer as it runs up and down the plate, before making its way to the tap. These systems are used in the Easy Esky, Mini Boss and Rustic Boss.

An icebank is a powered refrigeration unit which builds it’s own big block of ice which surrounds the beer lines inside. These are used in most of our mobile bars.

2. Coupler – The coupler connects, your beer and gas to your chilling system. Kegs require different couplers, so if you are supplying your own kegs it’s important to know which coupler you require. If you’re not sure, just let us know what brewery the keg is from.

3. C02 Gas – Commercial kegs come already carbonated, so the main purpose of gas is to pressurize the keg so the beer can makes it’s way through the chilling system and up to the tap. If you run out of gas, eventually the beer will slow down to a trickle from the tap and there will be no pressure left to force the beer through. Don’t worry though, we give you plenty of gas and you’ll never run out!

All of these items are included when you hire any of our mobile bars, we supply you with every bit of equipment required to dispense your keg.

Now watch how to put it all together in this one minute video…Easy!

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