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Hampton Tap Bar

Flexible two tap Hamptons style bar. Suitable on it's own when limited by space or wanting to use an existing bar area. Combine with the Hamptons service bar for a full service & tap bar. Suitable for low to medium pouring.  

Whats Included?

  • Two taps

  • C02 gas bottle

  • Powered Andale icebank chilling system

  • 10m extension lead

Size: W 650 x D 625 x H 990 (H 1510 to top of taps) 

*This bar requires a dedicated power source. Due to the weight of the bar it's unable to be transported up/down stairs. 

Bar Hire: $250

Hampton Tap Bar + Hampton Service Bar: $400

Cost does not include delivery as this varies based on your location and size of your order. Please contact us for a complete quotation. 

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