Why you need a home Kegerator in your life

With lockdown 2.0 happening in Victoria right now, you can now purchase your own Kegerator from Boss Bar Hire for your home to help you through it! So, here’s everything you need to know about home kegerators and why it will be your next online iso purchase.

What is a Kegerator?

A Kegerator is a specially designed fridge which chills and dispenses kegs. Kegerators fit 20/50L commercial kegs inside the fridge and use CO2 to pressurize and dispense the beer through a font fitted on top of the fridge. The CO2 gas bottle sits externally to the fridge and the kegerator uses a standard Australian electricity socket.

The Boss Bar Hire Kegerator pack includes all the equipment you need to get going including choice of A or D coupler which fits most standard commercial kegs.

Benefits for home use

Kegerators are compact and easy to use which makes them perfect for home use. Once the kegerator is set up you won’t need to adjust any fittings or temperatures, simply enjoy your on tap beer everyday.

As the keg is constantly kept at a temperature of around 3 degrees, your beer will remain fresher for longer.

Multiple uses and beverages

Kegerators are the most efficient way to get beer on tap in any café, corporate office, mancave or BBQ area and can be used to tap various different beverages. Try keg cider, wine, kombucha, cocktails, sparkling water or even cold drip coffee. View Boss Bar Hire Keg hire options here.

With Boss Bar Hire we provide a Kegerator pack which includes the fridge, font, guard rail, coupler and gas fittings for one price. We can deliver, install and provide you with a demonstration on how to operate your new Kegerator.

Buy a Kegerator Pack now for $795

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